- The Brewery -

OMF opened with Bryan Leavelle as the head and only brewer, pumping out as much as he could on the little 31 gallon system. Things have changed quite a bit since then. It became apparent very quickly that we needed help in order to keep up with demand and to stay on top of all of the things one must do to keep their brewery in order and running smoothly. Bryan has since moved on to managing the overall operations of the brewery and tap room, and handed off the torch and brewing responsibilities to Jan Chodkowski and Ryan Leavelle.

Brandon Proff, Managing Partner - Brandon started OMF with friends Bryan Leavelle and Andrew Strasburg in March of 2012. Since then he has worked for the brewery in various capacities ranging from graphic design to bathroom remodeling (never again) and most  currently overseeing brewery and taproom operations. His love for beer is only rivaled by his love for scottie dogs and road cycling.

Jan, Head Brewer - Jan started with OMF by working in the bar and volunteering in the brewery. His vast knowledge of different beer styles, passion to make great beer, and willingness to try just about anything has made him an invaluable part of the OMF family. Through the years working at OMF, he has been the mastermind behind some of our most popular beers, including our yearly Pumpkin Ale, Farmhouse Ale and most beers that come out of our souring program.

Ryan, Assistant Brewer - Ryan moved out to Denver from New Orleans to be close to family. It wasn't long before he was covering shifts and helping Jan and Bryan in the back. He is crucial in the organization and efficiency of our operations. 

Brew House - We brew on a 7 barrel direct fired Stout Systems boil kettle, and modified dairy tank system. It has (mostly) served us well.